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Further information about eduroam

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Use eduroam on the road at other participating facilities

A map on DFN's WWW server shows at which universities or research institutions eduroam is possible, which locations are available there and which SSIDs (wifi network names) are supported.
Further information about eduroam can be found on the homepage of the eduroam project, including where in the rest of the world you can use eduroam.

eduroam for guests of the University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg has been participating in the DFN Roaming Project and thus in eduroam since autumn 2005. It thus offers members of institutions that also support eduroam the opportunity to use wifi access at the University of Regensburg without the need for additional registrations or user authorisations. The wifi network eduroam is available at all university access points. You can find out which certificates you need when using eduroam and which configuration methods are available to you from the network operators of your university, since the certificate of the radius server of your home institution is checked here.

Possible SSIDs (wifi network names)

Each institution participating in eduroam provides wifi access points with the standardised SSID called eduroam for this purpose.

How to use eduroam

The wifi network eduroam is based on the 802.11i standard.
It offers the modern encryption of the wifi date between client and access point according to the WPA-2 (Wireless Protected Access) standard using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
When using eduroam, a VPN client is no longer necessary.
This procedure is supported by all modern operating systems.

All possibilities at a glance

User type Respective location Is a device registration necessary ? Required configuration Notation of username
Everyone with RZ Account Campus UR oder UKR yes for UR/UKR (see here) RZ Account with realm, e.g. vip12345@ur.de
see also: Informationen about user names
Everyone with RZ Account outside Campus UR or UKR (e.g. OTH Regensburg, Berlin, Brazil, ...) no for UR/UKR (see here) RZ Account with Realm, e.g. vip12345@ur.de
see also: Informationen about user names
Guests without RZ Account Campus UR oder UKR no for home institution, see website home institution home account or procedure with realm
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