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eduroam at the University of Regensburg

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What is eduroam?


Eduroam (education roaming) or DFN roaming allows you to go online via wifi network at various university and educational locations worldwide with your own identifier from your own home institution. eduroam requires that both your own institution (UR, UKR) and the external institution you visit participate in eduroam.

Only a small profile ... and so much more security!

warningConfigure eduroam using the provided profiles and installers. An eduroam configuration without a configuration profile is usually insecure and can lead to password theft!!!
Devices / operating systems, for which there are no profiles, should not be used anymore, because no secure configuration is possible!

Further information:

Further information about the wifi network of the University of Regensburg can be found at: https://wlan.uni-regensburg.de/.

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